7 Reasons Why Your School Needs A Verified Higher Values Profile

  1. Verified Profile – A beautifully designed, unique, evergreen profile page that is 100% dedicated to your school and hosted & maintained by us. Your verified profile is a dedicated space on the internet to promote and fully articulate your schools core values & mission statement.
  2. Unlimited Connections – No, really! Using the connection wizard on your verified profile, we will deliver unlimited connections between prospective students and your school, directly to your inbox. We get out of the way and connect your school with students that align with your core values and are interested in the programs you offer.
  3. Evergreen Content – Timeless content that lives forever – unless of course you tell us to change it :). Forget having to wait months to get updates to your school website, only to see it re-arranged, re-written & watered down. You have full creative control over the content on your verified profile and to top it off – WE MAINTAIN IT 🙂
  4. Early Discovery Process – Today, more than every, prospective students are looking for products, brands and even schools that align with the core values they care about. Higher Values is the pioneer, innovator and only place that prospective students can find a school that aligns with values they prioritize.
  5. Fanatical Customer Success – We listen, more than we talk. We have a private, Higher Values Slack community that we invite you to, so that we can stay connected. We care and semi-annual profile review sessions with the Higher Values team will ensure your profile content is up-to-date and on message.
  6. Transparency and Visibility – We care about students finding schools that align with their core values. Quarterly Analytics reports showing: Profile Views, Connections made, etc – will keep that visible for you.
  7. Let your voice ring out – On a semi-annual basis, we work with our verified schools, collaborating together on creating insightful and engaging blog posts that fully articulate your school, your team and your values.